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Elasticated Cord
You will require Elasticated Cord to work with your barriers. This is stretched between barriers to indicate restricted access and protect artworks. It stretches taut to give a wonderfully straight line that does not distract, but gives gently when pressed and thus avoids tripping or injury to the unwary visitor.

The cord is very straight forward to install, requiring only a pair of scissors to cut to length. When the barrier layout is changed, the cord can be used again in a different layout. The Elasticated Cord is 5mm in diameter, available in three lengths and five standard colours.

Useful Tips and Guidelines
When setting out your barriers, it is important to achieve the best look and feel by ensuring there is sufficient tension on the cord to maintain a straight line. This will depend on the height of barrier and smoothness of the floor surface, but as a general guideline, allow 2m to 2.5m between barriers.
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Water Resistant Yes
Producent FlexiBarriers
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